‘Blindspot’ Ends Its Season Four With Huge Questions, But Promises A Season Five Resolution

Karolina Wojtasik/NBC/Warner Brothers


First, the good news: Blindspot will be returning for a fifth and final season. Fans fretted that the show’s long hiatus in May meant trouble. But now that the final season has been green-lighted for 13 more episodes, all will be given a proper ending and explanation on the long mystery of Jane’s tattoos.

It’s a good thing, too, since season four ended with a classic cliffhanger in its two-hour season four finale.

We start with Dominic (Chaske Spencer), who took down the power grid. Jane, Weller, Reade, Zapata and Patterson head to Iceland to fix it, but are soon manipulated into being the fall guys for Madeline’s plot. Facing arrest, they start to turn on each other. But they manage to achieve their objective.

When they reunite in a safe house, they reconcile. Now the focus is on clearing their name.

But the cabin in which Weiler (Sullivan Stapleton) Patterson (Ashley Johnson), Reade (Rob Brown) and Zapata (Audrey Esparza) are in was blown up in a drone attack by arch-enemy Madeline Burke (Mary Elizabeth Mastranoio), who had them on the run thanks to a frame-job.

The only sure survivor is Jane (Jaimie Alexander), who decided to get some fresh air a beat before the disaster. She could only watch as the flames consumed the cabin with her friends and husband inside.

Was there a way out for at least some of the characters? Even if they are it, Madeline has the pimp hand, controlling oversight on the FBI and having her foes on the run. Adding to the dilemma is that Rich Dotcom is being held against his will in a black ops site.

Creator Martin Gero promises a two-month time jump to start season five, but will reveal in flashbacks just what happened at the fiery cabin. There’s no turning back now for the team, who must clear their names while facing the might of the US government. Not to mention, it’s possible some of them didn’t make it out of the cabin.



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