‘The Wolf And The Lion’ Family Adventure Reunites Studiocanal With ‘Mia’ Partners As Journey Begins


Mia And The White Lion helmer Gilles de Maistre is returning to the family adventure arena as principal photography begins on follow-up The Wolf And The Lion. Studiocanal, and Mai Juin Productions and Galatée Films are co-producing the live-action film that stars newcomer Molly Kunz (Widows) and Oscar nominee Graham Greene (Dances With Wolves, Wind River). Studiocanal will launch global sales at the AFM later this year.

As with Mia, which has been released in 36 markets and grossed over $34M worldwide, The Wolf And The Lion will center on the bond between a young girl and an unlikely animal companion — this time upping the ante by adding another wild creature to the mix.

Kunz plays Alma, a headstrong music student from New York who attends her grandfather’s funeral on a remote Canadian island and unexpectedly discovers a lost lion cub who had been destined for the Vancouver circus, before also rescuing an endangered, female wolf who is being pursued by researchers. At Alma’s cabin, the wolf gives birth to a single cub, Mozart, who immediately bonds with the rescued lion cub, Dreamer. The wolf mother is soon captured and Alma is left to tend to the babies.

But their world soon collapses as Mozart and Dreamer are captured and separated, and must embark on a treacherous journey to be reunited as Alma also searches for them.

Filming will go through to June 2020 and be done in six blocks so as to follow the real-life growth of the animal stars. Animal trainer is Andrew Simpson (Game Of Thrones, The Revenant).

Much of the Mia team is also returning for The Wolf: writer Prune de Maistre; producer Catherine Camborde of Mai Juin; and producers Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Elghozi and Valentine Perrin of Galatée.

Kunz is represented by Trademark Talent and Myman-Greenspan.

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