The Gotham Group Signs Content Studio Delve


EXCLUSIVE: The Gotham Group has signed Oregon-based story studio Delve for television and film representation. The company focuses on writers and storytellers to develop and place narrative nonfiction works with major print, online, and audio outlets.

Founded in 2017, Delve assisted in brokering the rights deal for rights to This American Life story, which was the inspiration behind Sony’s 2019 film Ode to Joy starring Martin Freeman and Morena Baccarin. Its current development slate includes an upcoming feature for the Outside magazine cover story, Mt. Hood’s Deadliest Disaster, among others.

“The Delve team has a proven track record of delivering wonderful true stories—exactly the kind of upstream IP that we look for, and that the industry craves,” said Gotham CEO and Founder Ellen Goldsmith-Vein. “We’re delighted to start bringing their material to writers, directors, producers, and actors.”

With the addition of Delve, Gotham Group aims to bolster its journalistic nonfiction slate as well as formulate new models for compensating the writers who bring fresh stories into the world.

Delve Executive Editor David Wolman added: “We know how to work with journalists—refining ideas, landing assignments, protecting their interests on contracts. And we know how to work with editors, targeting pitches and delivering compelling narrative. What we need is what Gotham has in spades: presence and reputation in the TV/film marketplace, and the relationships to succeed within it. We are thrilled about this collaboration.”

Wolman, an author and National Magazine Award nominee, has sold content to various studios including his piece on an art thief in Venice (co-written with Joshua Davis), which is at 20th Century Fox, and a piece about warring ice cream truck businesses (co-written with Julian Smith), set up at New Line.


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