‘Nightmare Cinema’: Horror Directors Unite For Anthology & New Screening Series

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EXCLUSIVE: Five notable filmmakers from the fake-blood business have united for the horror anthology film Nightmare Cinema, which reaches theaters June 21, the same day it will be available via on-demand platforms. Now three of those same filmmakers are collaborating for a tie-in screening series that will celebrate fan-favorite horror films.

Cranked Up Films, the genre-specialized distribution arm of Good Deed Entertainment, and AMC Networks’ Shudder, the premium streaming service for horror and thrillers, are launching a curated screening series that centers on filmmakers showcasing their own work and the work of their creative influences.

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The series kickoff will be June 14 at the Hayworth Theater in Los Angeles with a triple feature of films followed by stage interviews with the directors of each film. The bill will be Sleepwalkers with Mick Garris, Juan of the Dead with Alejandro Brugués, and Piranha with Joe Dante.

Those same three directors each contributed a story section to Nightmare Cinema, as did two other stalwarts of the genre: David Slade (30 Days of Night) and Ryûhei Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train). In the film, the five stories are presented as short films being screened for a captive audience of five strangers gathered in an eerie theater.

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The film’s framing sequence (also directed by Garris) stars Mickey Rourke as The Projectionist, the mysterious proprietor who gathers five strangers for a dark purpose.

Watch an exclusive clip from Nightmare Cinema above. It’s a scene from “Mashit,” the sequence directed by Kitamura, which centers on a demonic takeover that threatens a boarding school and its student body. The clip includes a clergyman’s resolute rallying cry: “Fight the God-damned Devil!”

The synopsis of Nightmare Cinema: “In this twisted horror anthology, five strangers are drawn to an abandoned theater and forced to watch their deepest and darkest fears play out before them. Lurking in the shadows is the Projectionist, who preys upon their souls with his collection of disturbing films. As each reel spins its sinister tale, the characters find frightening parallels to their own lives.”

The film’s cast also includes Richard Chamberlain, Annabeth Gish, Elizabeth Reaser, Zarah Mahler, and Maurice Bernard. The screenplay is credited to Garris, Alejandro Brugués, Richard Christian Matheson, Sandra Becerril, David Slade & Lawrence C. Connolly.

Nightmare Cinema was produced by Garris via his Nice Guy Productions, Courtney Solomon and Mark Canton at Cinelou Films, and Joe Russo. Stephanie Caleb and David Hopwood from Cinelou films and GDE’s Brandon Hill and Nikki Stier Justice served as co-producers. Good Deed Entertainment’s CEO and founder Scott Donley, Lenny Shapiro, Scott Karol, the Fyzz Facility’s Robert Jones, Wayne Mark Godfrey, and Rourke are executive producers.

The Evening of Nightmares curated screening series will continue in the months ahead with tie-in’s planned to Cranked Up Films releases such as the upcoming Coyote Lake and Riot Girls.

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