‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Season Finale Leaves Fans Wondering What Might Happen


SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about the Wednesday night season finale of Whiskey Cavalier.

ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier was a surprise, last-minute cancellation by ABC, much to the consternation of a vocal contingent of loyal fans who felt the drama deserved more than a one-and-done.

The cancellation also was surprising in that Whiskey Cavalier had been touted as one of the big shows of the season for the network, featuring some hot stars and experienced showrunners. In its decision, the network cited low ratings and not much room to grow. Distributor Warner Bros. is shopping it elsewhere, but nothing has happened yet.

Whiskey Cavalier follows FBI agent Will Chase (codename: Whiskey Cavalier) who is assigned to work with CIA operative Francesca ‘Frankie’ Trowbridge (codename: Fiery Tribune). They work with a team of spies in a somewhat playful journey to save the world.


If the show isn’t picked up elsewhere, it will have ended with tonight’s finale. The big question among fans was: Will it all end with a cliffhanger? Given the surprise cancellation, it was logical to assume that not every plot point developed would be resolved.

As anticipated, there were a few threads left dangling from tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s show saw Will Chase (Scott Foley) and Frankie Trowbridge (Lauren Cohan) trying to process the betrayal of colleague Alex Ollerman (Dylan Walsh).

Having missed a chance to capture Ollerman, the duo was retrenching at their Alps base, when they suddenly came under fire from a pair of gun-toting tourists with automatic weapons. Those assassins were thwarted, but retreating to a safe room proved to be a bad choice, as Ollerman’s mole, Tina Marek (Marika Dominczyk), was there, gun in hand.

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Ollerman arrived, and had orders: they were to travel to a Prague economic summit and steal a laptop from the Russian finance minister. To enforce his edict, he activated a device in Paul that had been secretly implanted. No more Paul.

Susan Sampson (Ana Ortiz) would provide the economic cover, posing as a Spanish diplomat, with bodyguard Tina and Will and Frankie as part of a crew. A distraction was created, and the ol’ switcheroo affected on the Russian minister’s case. But Tina had other ideas. She managed to lock up everyone in an anteroom while she headed out to execute the Russian, Kirlov.

But her attempt would not be so easy. As she made ready to execute Kirlov, a chair spun around to reveal Standish (Tyler James Williams), who used his firearm to dispose of Tina. Chaos ensued, and Susan, Will and Ray were all involved in the brawl. Having been able to track Ollerman’s location, they headed to make the capture. But Ollerman decided to end his own life, falling through a damaged window, apparently killing himself.

There remained one bit of unfinished business. The next morning, Frankie encounters Will at a lookout. Their conversation, fueled by some sensuous pastry, turned intimate. Would they kiss?

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Unfortunately, we won’t find out. The scene abruptly cut to New York. Standish leaves Will a voicemail message, telling him Tina was Emma’s killer. But stepping from the shadows comes Ollerman, who stabs him, presumably killing him.

What happens next?  That’s up to a network if it picks up the show. Executive producer Bill Lawrence is still hopeful, but had a comforting message for fans worried that they’d never know:


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