Writer-Producer Says Ex-Gersh Agents Apologized For Canceled Network Meeting – Update


2ND UPDATE: Queen of the South writer-producer Jorge Reyes said Wednesday that his former Gersh agents have apologized for canceling a planned network meeting, and that he’s accepted their apology and is moving on.

He also is deleting his angry Twitter thread that surfaced yesterday about the subject because “it’s served its purpose and the situation is resolved.”

“So the Gersh guys called me, copped to everything & apologized unreservedly,” Reyes tweeted late last night. “People can react emotionally, out of character, and with bad judgement, and agents are no different. My previous experience up to this incident was good, and their apology was sincere, so I’ve accepted it and for me, this is done and I’m moving forward to some positive shit now.”

Thanking “everyone for backing me up,” he told his Twitter supporters that “the resolution came as a direct result of your reactions and your support on here, and I thank you. I defended myself in public both to warn my writer brethren, and to protect myself. I pushed back hard just like my papa taught me. I’ll be deleting the thread as it’s served its purpose and the situation is resolved. Overwhelmingly grateful to all the writers on here. Hopefully your voices will prevent this from happening to one of us again. Never been more proud to be one of you.”

UPDATED, Tuesday PM: Writer-producer Jorge Reyes had some harsh words for his former Gersh agents, claiming they canceled a meeting they’d scheduled for him with a Fox executive before he fired them and moved to the Verve agency last week.

“So Gersh found out I was going over to Verve &asked my mgr about it this morning,” he wrote on his Twitter feed Monday. “I had a meeting at Fox this afternoon. I get there, they told me the meeting was ‘cancelled by my mgmt company.’ When I checked, I found out it was Gersh calling to cancel my meeting.”

“The agents names at Gersh are Roy Ashton, David Rubin, & Shan Roy,” he continued. “I don’t know which one of those small motherfuckers did that, so they can all share the blame. If they did that, who’s to say they wouldn’t badmouth/talk shit to the execs I’ve already met?”

“I’ve alerted my management company & Verve. We also let the exec at Fox know what happened, who apologized to me & was shocked that Gersh did that.”

Reyes, a writer-producer on USA Network’s Queen of the South and creator of the Kevin Hill TV series that ran on UPN in the early 2000s, signed with Verve shortly after the agency signed the WGA’s new Code of Conduct.

In a statement Tuesday, Gersh said that it had “set these meetings several months ago before the strike when Mr. Reyes was a Gersh client. When the client signed with another agency, the meetings were removed from the books as is normal protocol. We wish Mr. Reyes the best.”

“I actually liked these guys before this,” Reyes tweeted of his former Gersh agents. “They dropped the ball on a couple of things pre ATA conflict. Verve was originally in the running when I signed with Gersh. When they signed the COC (Code of Conduct), I thought this was a good time to move, given my other concerns.”

“They don’t have to like that I moved,” he added. “But they were ALREADY fired, and in no position to cancel a meeting with an exec that wanted to meet me because of my writing. Now I’ll be fine. But this is vindictive, fucked up, & I wouldn’t put it past them to try & sabotage me.”

Added Reyes in his series of tweets: “BRING IT, MOTHERFUCKERS. I plan to email every exec I met and tell them this. Roy Ashton, David Rubin, Shan Roy. Remember the names. You come for me, you better not fucking miss.”

On Friday, Reyes tweeted that “I am now a Verve client. There had been discussions way previous to the WGA/ATA conflict, but now seemed as good a time as any for me. Looking forward to the other mid-level agencies coming to their senses for all of us soon. #WGASolidarity”

Here are his tweets:

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