‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Roasted On Late Night TV

Game Of Thrones

Late-night TV hosts celebrated Game of Thrones’ triggered fans and stealth water bottles the night after the HBO’s highly hyped series finale.

“Let’s kick it off with the story everyone is talking about,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah began his Monday monologue, noting “some people are taking it very hard.”

Noah was talking about web sites offering therapy sessions for distraught viewers.

“Let me just say, People, if you need therapy because a TV show ended, your life is too good, okay? You don’t need a therapist, you need some credit card debt and an STD – take your mind right off the series finale,” the Comedy Central star advised.

“I also hope those therapy sessions are private, because you’re going to look like a dick if you’re in a group therapy session and the person before you is, like, ‘I got addicted to drugs after my wife left,’ and you’re like, ‘Okay, put a pin in that, I didn’t like Jon Snow’s story arc, okay?'”

CBS’ Late Show host Stephen Colbert went into greater detail, noting a lot of fans “can’t get over how much they hated” the finale. “So if you’re traumatized the Dragon Lady story did not end the way you had hoped, trained professionals are standing by to slap you across the face and tell you to grow the hell up.”

Among the people rattled now that the show is over, HBO execs are “frantically trying to write a dragon into Big Little Lies. Meryl Streep can play anything!” Colbert marveled.

But Colbert’s big takeaway is that viewers spotted a plastic water bottle in the series finale. “Of course everyone thinks this was a mistake, just like the coffee cup two episodes ago.” Colbert argued it marked perfectly the conclusion of the water bottle storyline.

NBC’s Tonight Show star Jimmy Fallon also glommed on to the water bottle.

Noting it was nearly 90 degree in New York on Monday, Fallon cheap-shotted “It was so hot people asked Game of Thrones if they had any more water bottles from last night.”

“First the coffee cup, now a water bottle. At this point the The Iron Throne should just have cup holders,” Fallon quipped. “I guess we’re just one episode away from being introduced to Lord Dunkin’ and Lady Gatorade.”

“In fairness to the actors, it was an exhausting scene of sitting down in the shade.”

Jimmy Kimmel, however, had an exclusive on one of the Game of Thrones spinoffs HBO has in the works. HBO is being extremely secretive about spinoffs but the ABC late-night star got an “exclusive look at one of them, which revives a beloved character we thought was gone, giving him a new life and a new TV family”:

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