AMC Stubs A-List Hits 800,000 Members, Becoming No. 1 Subscription Movie Ticketer

AMC Theaters

AMC Theatres’ Stubs A-List subscription service has added 200,000 members in 2019 to date, passing 800,000 total subscribers.

The company said the level is well ahead of its initial Year One target of 500,000 members, and also makes it the No. 1 subscription moviegoing service in North America. MoviePass initially wore that crown, reaching as many as 3 million subscribers in 2018. A subsequent series of missteps saw the company get de-listed from the Nasdaq amid a welter of troubles ranging from accounting issues to a federal fraud investigation. The Moviepass ticketing service still exists but is not as widely used as it once was.

The AMC program, which launched last June, allows up to three movies a week, in any format, in addition to discounts on other tickets and concessions.

“With AMC Stubs A-List, we believe we’ve cracked the code to make this concept successful for AMC, our shareholders, our studio partners and most importantly, our guests,” CEO Adam Aron said in a press release. “While others have tried and failed in this space, A-List is only getting stronger. Members are seeing many more movies than they did before A-List was created, they are seeing movies more than once and they’re bringing their friends and family members along, who are paying for their tickets at full price.

A-List is contributing to AMC’s bottom line, particularly at the concession stand, Aron added.

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