Party At DiCaprio’s Villa? ‘Rocketman’ Tickets? Cannes Black Market Says It Has You Covered


Where’s there’s demand, there’s a black market. Cannes is no different and it has been that way for many years.

In the days leading up to the festival some attending industry (and presumably many others) were sent (some by an unknown Whatsapp sender) a breakdown of supposed Cannes goodies they could gain by parting with hefty sums of money. An industry source forwarded us the list. The figures below are understood to be in dollars.

Rocket Man premiere tickets and after party? That’ll be $6,000, please. DiCaprio Villa party? $5,500. Priciest on offer is the Vanity Fair party at $11,000. Tickets for these events are of course meant to be invitation only. And also of course, there’s no guarantee any of this is real. But it does offer a glimpse into the sizeable Cannes black market, which also includes plenty of scam housing offers.



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