Stephen Colbert Unearths New Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Cast After Series Finale

Stephen Colbert

UPDATED with video: The journalists at CBS This Morning asked the cast of the network’s The Big Bang Theory all the predictable questions Thursday morning, before the long-running series’ finale. Clever Stephen Colbert got the cast to anonymously write better ones for him to ask in their interview on The Late Show.

Specifically, one anonymous cast member wanted to ask the entire cast, “Did anyone ever have sex in their dressing room?” One cast member fessed up.

Meanwhile, a fan tried to finally have revealed to the world what was Penny’s last name before marrying Leonard. Kaley Cuoco continued to insist there is no answer to that question, and that her character having only a first name became superstitiously important to her over the 12-year run of the show.

The writers were under enormous pressure as they worked on the series finale, various actors described to Colbert. Jim Parsons recalled telling one writer “you can’t get it wrong, because it’s yours – you’ve been writing it all this time,” then adding, “Think of it this way, you can’t get it right! Someone’s going to hate it.”

“We’ll find out tomorrow,” Parsons joked.

Asked if anyone had taken the Batman cookie jar that had been on the set since the series’ start, the cast answered that items had been tagged to prevent their being removed and that the wardrobe also was going to the Smithsonian.

The ratings powerhouse that’s calling it a wrap after 12 seasons, set a new record as TV’s longest running multi-cam comedy. But, one day before his sit-down with the cast, Colbert appeared on stage at the network’s Upfront presentation and revealed the real reason the Chuck Lorre series is going off the air is that every cast member is running for POTUS in 2020. “And, so far, they are all polling ahead of John Hickenlooper” who is “so obscure he’s not even a reference in a joke”:

Closing out Late Show’s celebration of Big Bang Theory’s series finale, Barenaked Ladies performed the show’s original theme song one more time:

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