‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Finale: Who’s Facing Major Jail Time?

Grey's Anatomy
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SPOILER ALERT: This story contains major plot details of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale.

The Season 15 finale of ABC’s record-breaking series Grey’s Anatomy picked up where it left off in the penultimate episode with a heavy fog interfering with the saving of lives in one way or another and with one doctor facing serious jail time for a well-intentioned but criminal act.

Titled “Jump Into the Fog,” the Debbie Allen-directed season ender saw Dr. Andrew DeLuca taken away in handcuffs after having taken the fall for Meredith Grey in the insurance fraud scandal — Meredith used her daughter’s name to fill out insurance papers for an uninsured patient — after professing his love to Meredith, to no response. Talk about the things we do for love. This obviously doesn’t sit well with Meredith, who is unable to stop him due to the fact that she’s locked up in the hyperbaric chamber, along with Alex Karev, trying to save the ailing Gus from dying.

Meanwhile, desperately trying to return to Grey Sloan Memorial to supply blood for Gus, Owen Hunt, Levi Schmitt and the agoraphobic donor Frances are stuck in a multi-car highway pileup thanks to the thick Seattle fog. Eventually they are able to hitchhike an ambulance ride to the hospital just in time to save the Lego-loving young patient.

The drama continues with Teddy, who has just gone into labor after also confessing her love for Owen to Amelia Shepherd (while her doting boyfriend sets up her baby room). Thankfully, she too makes it on time to the hospital to deliver her daughter, Allison (named after Teddy’s friend who died on 9/11). Owen is alongside her in the delivery room and also professes he’s in love with Teddy. This perhaps comes as no surprise as Grey’s Anatomy wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy without a good love triangle.

Or is it a love square, maybe? Amelia did admit to still loving Owen and broke off her “thing” with Link to find herself outside of her relationship with Owen. Only time, or Season 16, will tell.

Another relationship hanging in the balance is Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery. Their camping trip seemed to be going well until the storm hit and Maggie is unable to get to the hospital, where she’s being paged to attend to Gus. The two are at each other’s throats throughout the episode, both criticizing the other’s past as being to blame for their current predicament. Stuck in the visual-obstructing fog, Jackson goes out to scope out the scene, and the episode ends with Maggie calling out for him to no response. Where did he go? Is he hurt? Or perhaps he’s too busy saving lives to hear Maggie’s calls?

On a brighter note, Karev finally learns the truth behind his wife Jo’s deep depression, and Jo is able to admit to herself that she needs help. With the help of Miranda Bailey, she checks into a treatment facility.

Back at the hospital, Meredith, attempting to right her wrong, confesses to filing false insurance papers, and before punishment can be rendered, Karev and Richard Webber burst in the room in an attempt to take the onus off of Meredith. It doesn’t work. This ends with all three of them being fired by Chief Miranda Bailey. It’s hard to believe three of the best doctors in the hospital (and the few remaining original cast members) will stay fired for long.

What’s also hard to believe is that Meredith might do time in jail.

She did finally say “I love you” to DeLuca, the first time she’s daid that to a man since Derek, and walks out ready to accept her fate. But, as we have seen in past seasons, Meredith Grey can maneuver her way out of anything.

The enduring Grey’s Anatomy has shown no signs on stopping anytime soon as it recently picked up for seasons 16 and 17, securing its place in TV history. The series’ star, Ellen Pompeo, is set for both seasons, along with the other remaining original cast members.

In addition, Deadline recently reported that Shondaland shows Grey’s and Station 19 are going to play up the shared-universe aspect much more next season, with storylines kept fluid and characters seamlessly going back and forth in what would feel like two-hour episodes.

Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy will debut in the fall on ABC.

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