Stephen Colbert Visits ‘Veep’ World And Begs Them To Stop Scripting Donald Trump


UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert traveled from our reality to the alternate one of political satire series Veep, to beg them to stop doing horrible things that inspire President Donald Trump.

Just one night earlier, CNN’s John Berman had noticed Trump’s “joke” at his Wednesday rally in Panama City Beach, Florida had inspired one of his followers to suggest immigrants be shot. It was nearly identical to an already aired scene straight out of HBO’s Washington send-up, in which Selena Meyers’ rival Jonah Ryan blames disease outbreaks on immigrants during a campaign rally, in response to which a member of his base screamed “Kill them!”

In The Late Show’s homage, Selena and staff are watching Ryan tell Pennsylvania voters they have the second lowest vaccination numbers in the country, adding “when I’m elected, you will be No. 1!” His crowd laps it up.

“We need to have issue that captures voters’ imagination,” Selena barks at her campaign staff. “We need to give American voters what they want – in an unpopular minority they can blame for all their problems.”

“Very Hitler-esque, ma’am,” observes senior strategist Kent Davison, aka Gary Cole.

“Yes, but he had better people working for him,” snaps Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s Selena.

Colbert emerges, with a message to Veep characters, from this universe.

“Stop! I beg you. Stop!” he implores. “My name is Stephen Colbert and I come from another dimension. The things you do on this earth, they happen in my world! Over and over again:

-Foul mouthed President who tweets like a child

-Blaming everything on the Chinese

-Election interference

-A completely moronic press secretary!

-Anti-Daylight Saving Time Laws

-700 measles cases and rising!

“You are killing my world,” Colbert rants.

Selena recognizes him.

“You’re that guy on the show, The Coco Report,  she says.

“No, I don’t do that any more. That was just a self involved character I played – like you people,” Colbert explains. “On my earth, I now host the Late Show on CBS.”

Selena’s staff erupts in peals of laughter.

“You’re telling me CBS hired Where’s Waldo’s pedophile brother?” asks Anna Chlumsky’s Amy Brookheimer.

“Another 85 pounds of generic white male mediocrity. You look like Letterman took the least funny dump of his life, into a child suit,” adds Selena.

“You people are sick!” an infuriated Colbert blasts. “You are the most amoral bunch of self-centered monsters I’ve ever met. And I’ve interviewed Bradley Cooper!”

The Veep cast had stopped by Late Show as part of their walk-up to Sunday’s series finale.


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