‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Takes Joking Aim At Donald Trump’s Finances


The New York Times recently received a leak of income tax statements from President Donald Trump’s 1980s and 1990s returns. The statements showed massive write-downs and overall losses of $1.17 billion over the years from various ventures.

While most Americans are staggered by those losses – even though most business people will laugh knowingly at the manipulations – Seth Meyers took the leaks as an opportunity for fun.

Reacting to a video of Trump explaining the leaks, Meyers called him “the worse poker player ever – he walks around like he has four aces, but you know he has a pair of twos and the extra card with the rules on it.”

Meyers said if Robert Mueller had seen Trump’s taxes, he would have included it in his massive report to Congress. After all, Meyers claimed, “There’s an entire section on Trump’s hair and how it works.”

The comedian also noted how Trump’s losses didn’t seem to bother the President. “If my 401k goes down half a percent, I have to take three Xanax.” ¬†And given that the losses occurred during Trump’s “Art of the Deal” heyday, the losses were surprising for a business genius. “I’m surprised the cost of the book wasn’t I will pay you $20 if you take one.”

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