New Hollywood Podcast: ‘American Gods’ Star Yetide Badaki Loves Leaning Into Geek Culture

By Dino-Ray Ramos, Amanda N'Duka


In American Gods, Yetide Badaki plays Bilquis a Goddess Queen, a character that has a very powerful way of getting what she wants — especially from men. Outside of the fantasy series, Badaki isn’t like Bilquis in that way, but she connects with the character just like she did when she read the Neil Gaiman novel on which it was based. She sat in the hot seat on the New Hollywood Podcast to unpack what Bilquis means to her.

In addition to talking to us about the popular series, she shared her experience as an immigrant and arriving to L.A. with a dream and cardigan. She’s also not afraid to let her geek flag fly. She is very much into Star Wars and Star Trek culture and if we had more time we would have taken a deep dive into those two franchises. Badaki also appeared in This Is Us and is working on bringing her short film Wonderland to the masses. The short is a reimagining of the world of Alice in Wonderland (hence the title) and Badaki’s take on being an actress in Hollywood. On top of all that, we gave her a pop quiz of Gods and Goddesses to test her skills. Listen to the episode below to see if she passed or not.



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