Roger Donaldson To Direct Jack The Ripper Thriller ‘Immortal’, XYZ Launches Sales — Cannes

Roger Donaldson 'The November Man' film premiere, Los Angeles, America - 13 Aug 2014 Shutterstock

EXCLUSIVE: XYZ Films is partnering with Matthew Metcalfe’s GFC Films on historical thriller Immortal, written by Pete Dowling (Flightplan) and to be directed by Roger Donaldson (Species).

The film will be produced by Metcalfe (6 Days) and GFC Films out of New Zealand, with XYZ Films executive producing and launching worldwide sales at Cannes. Sean Sorensen of Royal Viking Entertainment will also executive produce.

Pic is slated to start production in late 2019 in New Zealand and the UK, with casting currently underway. In the story, hot-shot Detective Byrnes and rookie cop James McCafferty, whose morals are conflicting, work together on the hunt for London’s serial killer Jack the Ripper who, some believe, sailed to New York after his London killings suddenly ceased in 1888.

Veteran director Donaldson is well known for movies including Cocktail with Tom Cruise, Species, Dante’s Peak and The Bank Job with Jason Statham. This project would mark his first narrative feature since 2014 action movie The November Man with Pierce Brosnan.

Donaldson commented, “This is an exciting project that I am enthused to be a part of. Jack the Ripper is a haunting and malevolent historical character, and the stories of what happened to him after the London murders refuse to go away. I am looking forward to working with producer Matthew Metcalfe again, to bring this cerebral and thrilling project to audiences.”

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