Seth Meyers Blasts Donald Trump Bids To Block Robert Mueller Testimony

Seth Meyers Donald Trump Ban

Seth Meyers took a “Closer Look” at President Trump’s ironclad proof he did not collude with Russia: a phone call with Russian ruler Vladimir Putin.

Special counsel Robert Mueller spent two years putting together a 400+ page report documenting Trump’s various links to Putin. Trump decided that late last week was the perfect time to brag about that relationship, NBC’s Late Night host head-scratched.

In a White House photo op, Trump told reporters that Putin “sort of smiled” during the phone call, as the two men discussed Mueller’s investigation report, and said “something to the effect” that what had started off as a “mountain” ended up being “a mouse.”

“How did you know he was smiling?… Did you hit the FaceTime button, grandpa?” Meyers asked.

On the other hand, Meyers acknowledged, whenever Putin sees Trump he does light up “like he just heard there was a sale on poison.”

On Sunday, when it was reported the House had set a tentative date for Mueller to testify about his report, Trump “went nuts on Twitter,” tweeting “No redos for Dems!”, Meyers told his Monday late-night crowd.

“First of all, ‘No redos’?!  How is it Trump always seems to be 100 years old and 7 years old at the same time?” Meyers wondered. “Watches Fox News – 100. Thinks trucks are rad – 7.”

If, as Trump insists, Mueller’s report exonerated him “why don’t you want him to testify,” the host asked.

Meanwhile, Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen reported to jail for crimes involving POTUS, hinting, tantalizingly, that there was “even more to come,” Meyers said.

“Can someone… maybe ask him a follow-up question?” Meyers implored.

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