Concourse Media Boards Jai Courtney Pic ‘Edge Of Dawn’ & Music Doc ‘Find Your Groove’ — Cannes

Concourse Media

EXCLUSIVE: Concourse Media is heading to Cannes with completed action-drama Edge Of Dawn (previously known as Semper Fi), starring Jai Courtney (Suicide Squad), and music documentary Find Your Groove.

Also starring in the former are Nat Wolff (Paper Towns), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Finn Wittrock (American Horror Story), Beau Knapp (Seven Seconds) and Arturo Castro (Broad City). Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin (Murderball) and written by Rubin and Sean Mullin, the film is produced by Karina Miller (To The Bone) from Sparkhouse Media and David Lancaster (Whiplash) of Rumble Films.

The story follows Cal (Courtney), a by-the-book police officer who makes ends meet as a reservist in the Marine Corps along with his rowdy and inseparable group of childhood friends. When Cal’s younger, reckless half-brother Oyster (Wolff) accidentally kills a guy in a barfight and tries to flee, Cal is torn between his family and his job. The project was previously with UK sales outfit Cornerstone.

Also new to Concourse’s slate is under wraps music documentary Find Your Groove, which will feature talking heads Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Bacon and Rosario Dawson. The film will feature actors and musicians riffing on the power and importance of music in society. Mike Kirk directs; producers are Martin Guigui and Warren Ostergaard. Concourse’s most recent documentary, Scotch: A Golden Dream, was recently picked up by The Orchard/1091.

Concourse founder and CEO Matthew Shreder recently took sole ownership of the company following the departure of James Andrew Felts. Kevin Hoiseth remains evp of sales.

Shreder said, “Concourse is evolving into more than just a foreign a sales agency. While that side remains important, we take great pride in our passion for cinema and artistic expression. With the rise and growing footprint of new streaming/OTT platforms, I believe we are entering an era of resurgence for indepedent film. It’s a great time to be in the marketplace and we look forward to working with filmmakers who have unique stories they want to share with the world.”

Meanwhile, the firm’s newly minted tech arm Concourse XR Studios is looking to grow its augmented and mixed reality services for brands, products and agencies. Fuelling the technology behind Regal Entertainment’s Moviebill, Shreder also contributed to immersive augmented reality experiences for franchises including Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

“There are many types of companies across the globe looking to utilize AR technology in order to grow
their brand’s footprint and learn more about their customers. With Moviebill off the ground, my efforts
are focused on offering these immersive AR solutions to a wider range of companies interested in
utilizing the technology to promote deeper engagement,” added Shreder.

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