John Oliver Spanks Dem Rep, Steve Cohen Over KFC Stunt At Bill Barr Hearing

Dem. Rep Steve Cohen tried his hand at an “exhilarating bit of prop comedy” in Washington last Thursday when Attorney General Bill Barr was a no-show at a Congressional hearing on Thursday, John Oliver noted on Last Week Tonight.

Cohen thought it would be hilarious if he brought a bucket of KFC chicken, and a ceramic chicken, to the hearing.

“The message is that Bill Barr is a chicken,” Cohen told reporters, in case they had not gotten his point.

“Yeah we get it. You’ve made that painfully obvious,” Oliver snarked Sunday night.

“It actually gets more pathetic,” the HBO late-night host warned viewers.

The hearing was at around 9 AM. The nearest KFC doesn’t open until 10:30 AM, The Daily Beast reported. Cohen admitted he had bought the chicken the previous night and stored it in his fridge.

“Which is just tragic for so many reasons,” Oliver said, then listed two:

– He’s biting into leftover KFC. “Or as its more commonly known, trash,” Oliver described.

-That means Cohen was in bed the night before the hearing thinking about how awesome his chicken gag would be “and he was totally wrong about that.”

But the theater did not end there. GOP Sen. Thom Tillis went on the attack, holding up a poster that was a photo of Cohen eating his leftover KFC. Tillis blasted Cohen and his fellow House Dems for letting that kind of theater take place in a House committee room.

“So, it’s pathetic theater to eat KFC, but not to rush to Kinkos and laminate a poster-board image of someone eating KFC?” Oliver asked, rhetorically.

Oliver acknowledged he had just shown a lot of KFC On the show “which might encourage them to send us some.”

“So, let me be clear here: Please do not send us anything. We do not want your weird fried pigeon parts,” he demanded.

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