Fortnite Volcano Lays Waste To Tilted Towers, Ending Season 8 In Spectacular Fashion

The culmination of season eight on Fortnite saw a massive volcano eruption take out one of the online game’s most iconic locations.

The Saturday culmination of season eight saw the volcano destroy Tilted Towers, which has been a centerpiece of the game for areas and one of its busiest locations. Other parts of the island that serves as the game’s location were also destroyed, including parts of a retail area.

The action started with the opening of vault on the Lake, which took players to a new location. There, several items that were previously a part of the game and removed were enclosed in glass, and players had to work together to open the cases and escape back to the island.

Before the volcano eruption, developer Epic Games disabled most of the game’s battle royale modes, focusing players into a squad-based mode, termed The Unvaulting. One advantage of the squad mode was the ability to respawn.

Season nine of Fortnite is expected to arrive on or about May 9.

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