Vince Vaughn Escapes Potential Jail Time With “No Contest” Plea In DUI Case; Gets Three Years Probation

Vince Vaughn
Almost a year after the "Wedding Crashers" star was arrested at a Manhattan Beach checkpoint, the actor received no jail time. Shutterstock

Almost a year after being pulled over at a Manhattan Beach police checkpoint and first refusing a sobriety test, Vince Vaughn faced justice Friday and will walk away with a lesser charge and no jail time.

The Wedding Crashers star himself wasn’t in Los Angeles Superior Court today, but his attorney entered a “no contest” plea to the reduced single charge of alcohol-related reckless driving. As a result, Vaughn was given three years summary probation and ordered to enter and finish a three-month booze program.

To ensure incidents like what happened on June 10, 2018 don’t happen again, the actor also can’t beg off a “preliminary alcohol screening test while on probation if requested by law enforcement,” according to the L.A. County District Attorney’s office.

Perhaps harshest of all, Vaughn was informed, via his lawyer, that if he drives drunk again and fatally hits someone, he could be charged with murder.

With that and the fact that thing was Vaughn’s first DUI episode, today’s plea was a pretty good deal for the True Detective alum, all things considered.

Previously, under the initial charges from D.A. Jackie Lacey’s team, Vaughn was looking at a potential year in county jail if found guilty on the combined misdemeanor charges of driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, driving with .08 percent blood alcohol content or higher, refusing to comply with a peace officer, and refusing to submit to an inspection.

While Manhattan Beach Police were initially unable to get Vaughn to get out of his vehicle at the just after midnight episode on June 10, the actor did exit the vehicle eventually. Vaughn was arrested after finally taking the breathalyzer test. He was released at around 10 AM that morning.

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Having first entered the spotlight with 1996’s Swingers, Vaughn was most recently seen in the Lionsgate March release Dragged Across Concrete. The disgraced cop drama reunited Vaughn with his Hacksaw Ridge director Mel Gibson.

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