Hero Nation Weekly Index: ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Gotham’, ‘Game Of Thrones’ & ‘Supernatural’ All Tracking


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Marvel-ous: The Marvel Studios epic Avengers: Endgame is a runaway train. The biggest pre-sale ever, the biggest domestic opening ever, the biggest global splash ever. Imaginary overheard conversation: Mobster Meyer Lansky says, “We’re bigger than General Motors.” Kevin Feige responds, “We’re bigger than Star Wars.

Gotham Farewell: When the 100th and final episode of Gotham aired last Thursday, did it mark the end of an era? One producer told Deadline it was “one of the last aircraft carriers leaving the harbor” as the traditional networks look less and less at big dramas.

Dreamer: Mark Hamill stirred up social media with a doctored photo that was perceived as sleight to the new generation of Star Wars actors. His follow-up apology included a suggestion: “Relax and have fun people.” He might as well have asked for the Forest Moon of Endor.

Supernatural finale: Kudos to Supernatural for its truly hellacious Season 14 finale episode. The stage is now set for the 20-episode final season to be a brimstone classic.

Hero Nation LogoHaunting Horror: Mexican horror auteur Issa Lopez has big-name fans (Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro, Neil Gaiman among them) and with good reason. Shudder execs at AMC Networks are thrilled with their deal locking in her narco-ghost story, Tigers Are Not Afraid, for premiere this year.

True Spoilsport: Unsportsmanlike conduct by Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy who saw Avengers: Endgame on Friday but didn’t like the ending — an opinion he expressed by repeatedly spoiling the film’s biggest plot shocker to a million-plus aghast followers on social media.

Stark Reality: Take-away the weekend from both Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones  — in crunch time, people named Stark sure do step up.

Billion-Dollar Brothers: Safe bet that Avengers co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo will finish with the top-grossing film of 2019 just like they did in 2018. The only other directors to finish first in back-to-back years: Gore Verbinksi with the Pirates of the Caribbean series and Peter Jackson with The Lord of the Rings franchise.

Empty Chambers: That new Netflix YA horror series called Chambers (with Uma Thurman) isn’t just boring, it’s scary boring.

Doom Patrol: Is the DC Universe original series the most aggressively absurd television series of 2019? Or the most heartfelt superhero television series of 2019? It’s both and more.

Dolled Up: Orion Pictures is taking a stab at a next-gen Child’s Play franchise by casting Jedi icon Mark Hamill as Chucky, but old-school purist fans (who consider Brad Dourif the one true Chucky) don’t like the sound of it and already have the knives out.

Rivers Rolling: Simon Pegg & Nick Frost are pursuing a screen adaptation of the supernatural sleuth epic Rivers of London. Frost tells Deadline that he’s “chuffed to bits” by the acquisition and (after checking out our handy guide to UK slang) we’re pretty sure we wholeheartedly agree.

Snap To It: For silly (non-spoiler) fun, type in “Thanos” on the Google search page and then click on the small Infinity Gauntlet image on the right side of the screen.

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