Fox News: President Donald Trump Says Southern Border Is “Like Disneyland Now”

President Donald Trump feels the border situation is “like Disneyland now,” and blames a too-humane approach to family arrivals as the root cause.

Speaking via phone to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on her show Sunday Morning FuturesTrump said stopping the separation of families illegally crossing the southern border a mistake, and made the attempts akin to a family outing to the happiest place on earth.

“When they used to separate children, which was done during the Obama administration, with Bush, with us, with everybody, far fewer people would come, and we’ve been on a humane basis, it’s pretty bad,” Trump told Bartiromo. “We go out and we stop the separation. The problem is you have 10 times more people coming up with their families it’s like Disneyland now.”

The long and winding road of adjudicating asylum applications also drew Trump’s ire, likening lawyer to “Perry Mason” in the process. He called what’s on the books “the worst immigration laws ever, incompetent, they’re there for a long time.”

The lure of a booming economy is the reason for the border surge, Trump contended. He added that partisan politics needs to be put aside to solve the immigration issue.

“We’re trying to get rid of them; the Democrats won’t do it,” he said. “We need some Democrat votes, we’re unanimous with the Republicans but we need some Democrat votes.”

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