WGA Touts Submission System And Announces Expansion In Letter To Members


As the WGA’s fight with Hollywood’s talent agencies wraps its second week, the guild told its members Friday that its new Staffing Submission System is working and that it will expand access to the system ahead of next month’s ufpronts.

The system, which launched on April 1 while the guild still was in negotiations with the Association of Talent Agents, “has delivered thousands of writers’ samples directly to showrunners who are looking to hire,” the guild wrote today. “Writers are getting read. Show meetings are being set. Staffing season is unfolding without chaos – and without agents.”

The guild acknowledged that “while no online portal can take the place of a good representative, this system has successfully bridged an important gap.”

As Deadline reported earlier today, in the 26 days the site has been operating, there have been 2,135 submissions by 1,048 writers to 92 shows. The guild said in its letter that it will expand access to the system for the week before the coming upfronts, where the networks will be pitching their shows to advertisers.

“On May 6th, all current members will be able to make three more submissions,” the WGA said. “Please note that the system will not allow members to ‘bank’ submissions. Whether you have used your first three submissions or not, your counter will reset to three total.

“The system will be opened to all associate and post-current members, who will also be able to make up to three submissions,” the guild said. “The WGA’s Staffing Submission System is available to guild members via myWGA portal on the guild’s website.

“We will be monitoring the system closely to ensure that it continues to provide writers looking for work and showrunners looking for writers with a valuable way to connect as we work toward a resolution with the agencies,” it added.

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2019/04/wga-writers-submission-system-expansion-upfronts-1202603066/