Trevor Noah’s ‘The Daily Show’ Takes Great Glee With Past Joe Biden Gaffes

Comedy Central

If the first day of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign is anything like the rest of them, he may want to lay down in a dark room with a cold compress.

Trevor Noah led what’s sure to be a parade of jabs at the verbal gaffe-prone former vice president.

As Noah noted, the thing that makes Biden a good candidate is “He’s an adorable goofball. The only thing that spends more time in his mouth than his perfect teeth is his foot.”

Noah then went on to have some fun with Sleepy Joe’s past, including stating that “jobs” was a three letter word; claiming Indian ancestry was necessary to go near a 7-Eleven; proclaiming that someone’s mother should rest in peace when she was very much alive; and worst of all, asking a wheelchair-bound supporter to stand up and be acknowledged.

The penchant for mistakes is what made Biden the perfect balance to former President Barack Obama, Noah said. While Obama measured every word, “When Biden speaks, his brain goes, ‘I’m feeling lucky!'”

Noah did acknowledge Biden’s major accomplishments in the legislature. He noted that he’s good at crossing the aisle and getting things done, while adding that Republican leader Mitch McConnell was the only person he wouldn’t massage.

Does Biden indeed have “more baggage than an Amtrak train,” as Noah put it? Watch the video and decide for yourself.




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