Obama Praises Joe Biden But Continues Presidential Policy Of No Primary Endorsement


President Donald Trump’s favorite morning show Fox & Friends made a lot of the lack of Former President Barack Obama in Joe Biden’s video announcing his 2020 candidacy, even while noting Obama continues his policy of not endorsing candidates during primaries.

All this even though former Obama adviser/CNN host David Axelrod had explained it is “the custom for former presidents is not to endorse presidents, calling “baffling” any expectation Obama would do otherwise.

Later Thursday morning, Obama, through a spokeswoman, went ahead and praised his former Veep.

“President Obama has long said that selecting Joe Biden as his running mate in 2008 was one of the best decisions he ever made,” Katie Hill said.

“He relied on the Vice President’s knowledge, insight and judgment, throughout both campaigns and the entire presidency. The two forged a special bond over the last 10 years and remain close today.”

After the Fox & Friends segment, Trump tweet-welcomed “Sleepy Joe” to the race, mocking Biden’s intelligence, and the “sick” and “demented” ideas held by Democrats. After which Trump retweeted video from the House Oversight Committee Republicans, accusing Democrats of an “unhealthy obsession with the President.”

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