ABC News Stakes Claim To First Joe Biden Interview As 2020 Hopeful

The View

ABC News quickly staked a claim to Joe Biden’s first TV interview as an official 2020 White House hopeful, boasting it had booked the race’s already front-running Dem for Friday’s The View as “his first interview stop.” Perhaps not coincidentally, the show’s conservative panelist Meghan McCain is the daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, a close friend of Biden.

As her father was battling an aggressive brain cancer, Meghan McCain told CNN, “If [Biden] runs for president I’m screwed in every way,” explaining Biden and her father had been friends for three decades, and reminding viewers Biden’s son Beau died of the same cancer that struck her father.

“He understands pain and trauma in a way few do,” she said of Biden, who lost his first wife and his daughter in an auto accident in the ’70s.

“He is a very special man. I disagree with him 75% politically, but there is a level of decency and character that reminds me of my dad,” The View panelist continued, saying he had “become someone I really have turned to when I feel the world is falling.”

Biden’s appearance on The View marks his seventh visit to the show, most recently having joined the Hot Topics table on December of 2017. On his second visit to the talk show on April 22, 2010, The View marked the first time a sitting vice president was featured as a guest.

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