Donald Trump Sprays Twitter Buckshot, Hitting UK, Mexico, Supreme Court, Dems, Congress


President Donald Trump pulled his Twitter trigger aggressively Wednesday morning, hitting a wide swath of targets.

TV news outlets had a busy morning, keeping up with Trump as he:

-Stomped on his just-announced official state visit to the UK, endorsing an OANN report “United Kingdom Intelligence [helped] Obama Administration Spy on the 2016 Presidential Campaign.”

-Dog-whistled his new Supreme Court justices as they mulled the “Census Citizenship question.”

-Whipped up his base, reporting a new caravan of 200,000 was marching through Mexico to the southern border.

-Announced he was sending “ARMED SOLDIERS” to the border, claiming Mexican soldiers had pulled guns on National Guard “probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border!”

-Vowed to “head to the Supreme Court” to block Congress from performing its oversight duties on the executive branch, insisting Mueller Report “didn’t lay a glove on me,” adding “I DID NOTHING WRONG.”

Trump’s tweets:


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