Vice Studios To Explore Global ‘Hype Culture’ In Eight-Part Series For China’s Tencent Video


Vice is to explore hype culture around the world in an eight-part series for Chinese streaming service Tencent Video.

The youth-skewing brand is partnering with the Chinese platform for a half-hour series celebrating the creativity of a generation obsessed with finding the next big thing. The untitled series is being produced by Vice Studios and will be filmed in China, Japan, India, the UK, Germany, USA, Russia, Nigeria, and Jamaica.

It will shine a light on a decentralised global culture where particular scenes or sets of people are no longer the sole source of all trends – a post-millennial world where movements, attitudes, styles and changes are found in all corners.

The series will be released later this year and was unveiled at the APOS conference in Bali.

Vice has previously produced titles including street dancing doc Just Dance, alternative music series Trap in Southwest and Young Chinese in the country. Tencent currently has over 82M subscribers.

Hosi Simon, Vice CEO Asia-Pacific, said, “Young people in China are at a real inflection point. Taking inspirations from every corner of the world, they’re putting them through their own, very distinct lens to create something very unique and new – freely and at an unprecedented scale. This Tencent Video content series will track and champion this change and their celebration of identity, giving voice to new culture creators the world over.”

Lexian Zhu, Deputy Director of Documentary Content Management Center at Tencent Video, added, “Growing up amid the booming of the Internet, young Chinese are boldly showing their own personality, and growing into a young generation with unique values. Tencent Video is looking forward to tracking the global trends shaping this, searching for the creative sources of inspiration and bringing it to our audience so that they can better engage with the wave of globalization and their place in the world.”

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