Book Publishers Planning Mueller Report Editions; Report Available Free On DOJ Website

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Publishers including Scribner, Skyhorse, Barnes & Noble’s Sterling Publishing and Melville House Books are among the houses offering or planning to offer The Mueller Report in various editions or formats.

A round-up of publishing houses compiled today by The New York Times notes that the downloadable, much-anticipated report is attracting publishers “seeking to profit from it.”

Some of the publishers are adding various additions to the 448-page report on Russian interference. Indie publisher Skyhorse includes a forward by Alan Dershowitz in its digital version, available Friday, titled The Mueller Report: The Final Report of the Special Counsel in Donald Trump, Russia, and Collusion. A paperback edition will be released next week, the Times writes.

Also in the running:┬áBarnes & Noble’s Sterling Publishing, offering free downloads as a digital Nook book. Melville House Books plans to sell the report as a paperback and an e-book “with no commentary or analysis.”

Meanwhile, The Washington Post and the Simon & Schuster imprint Scribner will publish The Mueller Report with analysis by the WaPo staff. A Scribner exec tells the Times the e-book should be available Friday with a paperback edition dropping April 26 or sooner.

The Times survey finds that some publishers are charging or will charge from $1.99 for an e-book to $12.99 for a paperback. The report can be read on the Department of Justice website.

As for The Times itself, no Mueller book in the offing, but the newspaper will publish a 16-page special print section of highlight tomorrow. The report is also available on media sites including CNN, NPR, Politico, Slate and many others.

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