Donald Trump Goes ‘Game Of Thrones’ After Bill Barr Spins Robert Mueller Report To Media

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“Game Over” President Donald Trump tweeted, pinching a Game of Thrones image as his Attorney General finished spinning his redacted Robert Mueller report on Russian election meddling and Trump campaign participation to riveted media.

Special counsel Robert Mueller found 10 instances of President Donald Trump possibly obstructing justice, Barr said at a presser. But – acting more as counselor for the defense than the U.S. Attorney General, to paraphrase Fox News’s Chris Wallace – Barr said he disagreed with some of special counsel Robert Mueller’s “legal theories” in Mueller’s investigation of potential obstruction of justice. Trump, Barr argued, was merely angry and frustrated by the investigation that had plagued his administration since he took office. Barr also insisted Trump cooperated fully with the investigation, though he refused to be interviewed by Mueller’s team, answered only a limited scope of questioning in writing, and blasted the investigation from the White House, calling it a Witch Hunt, and Mueller team’s criminal, on a daily basis.

In another huge headline to come out of Barr’s presser, DOJ gave the redacted copy of Mueller’s entire report to the White House early.

And if you had a buck for every time Barr repeated Trump’s fave phrase “no collusion” in his opening remarks, which is not a legal team as we all have learned over the investigation’s 22 months, you’re 6 bucks richer.

Previously Barr had said in his 4-page CliffsNotes on Mueller’s 400-page report that the special counsel did not make a legal ruling on obstruction of justice in his report. Barr said in his Thursday news conference that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who stood behind him during the presser resembling a stuffed frog,  concluded there was “not sufficient to establish” obstruction.

Asked why Mueller was not present at the presser, Barr shot back that Mueller works for him.

Barr’s report release pre-buttal had raised eyebrows even before he started defending the president; Thursday morning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Mueller to testify before the House and Senate, arguing Barr’s behavior has entirely tainted the process.

Congress, unlike the White House, did not get an advance look at the redacted report; members will get CD’s containing the redacted report some time between 11 AM and noon; the public will be able to see it HERE some time after that.

TV News outlets, and Dems in Congress were surprised Wednesday afternoon to learn Barr would hold a presser Thursday morning and take a few questions about his redacted version of Mueller’s report on his nearly two years of investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Except, as House Judiciary chair Nadler noted, reporters asking the questions had not yet seen Mueller’s report.

DOJ did not break the news of the morning presser; President Donald Trump did, during a Wednesday afternoon interview with Washington D.C. talk radio station WMAL.

Announcing Barr’s presser, Trump said he might hold his own presser after Barr, adding, “we’ll see.”

Barr also revealed last week he was assembling a team to investigate the origins of the investigation into possible Russian interference in the 2016 election because, while citing no evidence, he had “concerns,” adding, “I think spying did occur” by the previous administration against Trump’s campaign.

Trump has previously riffed on a Game of Thrones theme in his tweets and instagram:

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