Donald Trump’s Hair On Fire: Kicks Off Mueller Report Day Tweeting “Greatest Political Hoax Of All Time!”

Donald Trump
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About 90 minutes before Attorney General Bill Barr holds a press conference about a redacted report he won’t release until a couple hours later, President Donald Trump opened the festivities, tweeting that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report is “The Greatest Political Hoax of all time!”

In his tweet, Trump called Mueller-and-team “Crooked, Dirty Cops.”

“PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!” Trump hollered all-caps-ily in a follow-up tweet.

A few re-tweets later, Trump urged his Twitter followers to watch the day play out on Fox News Channel.

Trump’s tweets seem to argue against Barr’s 4-page interpretation of Mueller’s 400-page report, released weeks ago, in which Barr claimed Mueller found no collusion and nothing criminal re obstruction. Barr acknowledged Mueller’s report did not exonerate Trump on obstruction.

Trump’s hair-on-fire tweets seem to step on that 4-page nothing-to-see-here spin, and Barr’s defense-lawyerly Thursday game plan to front the evidence and take the sting out of the report that will follow, with his pre-buttal presser set for 9:30 AM ET.

Barr’s DOJ has been consulting with White House for days about Mueller’s report, NYT reported late Wednesday. In response to which, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer opened Thursday morning calling on Mueller to testify before the House and Senate, arguing Barr’s behavior has entirely tainted the process.

Trump’s tweets:

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