Conan O’Brien, Equal Opportunity Jokester, Takes On Dem President Candidates

Conan O'Brien
hoto by Michael Buckner/Deadline/REX/Shutterstock

TBS talk host Conan O’Brien was on a roll against the Democrats on Wednesday, with South Bend Mayor Pete Buttegieg and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper in his sights during his Conan monologue.

“During a campaign event in Iowa, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttegieg was heckled by an anti-gay protestor,” O’Brien noted. “Buttegieg handled it like a pro, saying, “Settle down, Mr. Vice President.”

Buttigieg, who officially announced duriong the weekend that he’s running for president  has a special distinction. “If he wins,” O’Brien said, “Buttigieg would be our first openly gay president. When I say ‘openly gay’ I’m talking to you, Millard Fillmore.”

O’Brien also skewered another Dem White Hopuse hopeful. “In his memoirs, presidential candidate John Hickenlooper gives detailed accounts of his sexual conquests,” he said. “Apparently, his signature move was giving women ‘the Ol’ Hickenlooper.’”

Later in the show, O’Brien aired the latest installment of his “Conan Without Borders” visit to Australia, this time wrestling with Ozzie slang. Check out some video above — including “kind of a threatening video email sent to me by a Mr. Hugh Jackman” — and more clips from his trip Down Under below.

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