Watercooler Talk & Memes: Netflix Experiments With Top Ten List In UK To Help Subs Choose Popular Shows

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Netflix is to launch a top ten list to give subscribers the chance to find out which of its shows are most popular in their region.

The streaming service is launching an experiment in the UK in the second quarter of the year that will release a weekly top ten list of its shows across different programming categories. It hopes that this will make choosing titles easier.

Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Greg Peters admitted that it was one of a hundred tests that Netflix does each quarter to improve the service but he added that the company was quite bullish about it.

“There’s a bunch of our members that really enjoy watching the most popular shows because they enjoy watching the show and then engaging in the public conversation around the show and all of the memes that are shared. We want to do a good job to let our members know what those most popular shows are and then can participate. We’re quite bullish on that and we’ll see how it does,” he said.

Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos, also speaking on its investor call following its first quarter results, added, “Popularity is a data point that people can use to choose, it’s not the most important one or the only one. We don’t want to suppress it if it’s helpful to our members.”

The service will start in the UK this quarter and Netflix will then decide whether to expand the test to other markets.

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