New Hollywood Podcast: Janet Mock Talks Impact Of ‘Pose’, Season 2 And State Of LGBTQ Storytelling

By Dino-Ray Ramos, Amanda N'Duka

Janet Mock guests on the New Hollywood Podcast

Before Janet Mock was directing and writing for Steven Canals and Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking FX drama Pose, she was still making moves and advocating for LGBTQ rights as a journalist, author and activist. Even so, she sees that writing as a journalist and writing for TV shares one similarity: the search for truth in storytelling. Mock stopped by the New Hollywood Podcast with her slay-worthy looks to talk about her journey from journalist to TV writer — and we spilled some tea about a couple of things along the way.

Mock’s cultural layers are rich and fabulous: her mom is native Hawaiian and her dad is black. She was born in Hawaii and raised in Oakland and Dallas. Her cultural mix, trans identity, talent as well as her passion fuels her ability to be her fabulous self while fighting the good fight for inclusivity for any and all marginalized communities. It was only inevitable that she would make her way to Hollywood with her one-of-a-kind skills for storytelling — and with Pose, she brings nuance and perspective.

When she sat down with us at the New Hollywood Podcast, she talked about how the landscape of LGBTQ+ storytelling has changed in the past decade, her reservations and hopes when she signed on to work on Pose and a storyline idea for Grace Jones if she would guest star on the show (something that all of us are wishing for). Listen to the episode below.

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