Starz Issues Apology To TorrentFreak After Demanding Takedown Of Tweets To Piracy Article


Starz has apologized to the P2P and piracy website TorrentFreak after the cabler unintentionally took down tweets that linked to an article about TV show piracy which included American Gods. Starz said that they hired a third party for copyright enforcement after a recent security breach and Starz was inadvertently affected.

In a statement, Starz said: “The techniques and technologies employed in these efforts are not always perfect, and as such it appears that in this case, some posts were inadvertently caught up in the sweep that may fall outside the DMCA guidelines. That was never our intention and we apologize to those who were incorrectly targeted. We are in the process of reviewing all of the impacted posts as well as the scope and procedure for the previous takedowns and are working with our vendors to reinstate any such content that was inappropriately targeted for removal.”

The TorrentFreak article in question was about a recent surge of TV show leaks. In the list of leaked unreleased episodes, many Starz series were mentioned including American Gods which included a screenshot of the leaked episode that was central to the story. The article did not link to any of the piracy sites nor did they mention the names of the sites that leaked the episodes. However, they identified a New York-based magazine editor as a suspect in the links.

As a result, Starz hired a social media agency to reach out to Twitter to have the tweets to the article taken down. TorrentFreak followed up with another story and tweets to the stories were also taken down. The story states that Starz argued “that the tweet is infringing because it links to an article where people can see ‘of images of the unreleased episodes’ and find more ‘information about their illegal availability.'”


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