Netflix Warns Animal Lovers To “Skip” Disturbing Death Scenes In ‘Our Planet’

This scene from the Netflix nature series "Our Planet" shows the moment just before several walruses plunge to their deaths. (Credit: Netflix)

Netflix has taken the unusual step of warning viewers about graphic nature scenes in the eight-part series Our Planet.

Earlier this month, the streamer released the David Attenborough-narrated docuseries about man-made threats affecting Earth.

While many of the images are stunning, others show animals doing what they do, like mating and killing smaller prey.

One scene in the “Frozen World” episode has particularly upset viewers. It shows a walrus family that’s been forced onto a small stretch of dry land, with the video team saying their habitat has been reduced by global warming and melting ice packs.

For a brief moment the walruses are shown resting at the top of a cliff. Then suddenly, some of the them lose their balance and plunge to their deaths onto the rocks below.

Netflix posted a warning on Twitter Wednesday, letting viewers know they might want to “skip” the most graphic scenes in the docuseries.

“As you make your way through Our Planet, here are some moments animal lovers may want to skip,” the tweet said. Netlfix went on to list the exact moments of each episode that viewers may find disturbing.

The warning comes after animal lovers and concerned parents complained about the images. Still, some critics have questioned if global warming is really to blame for the walruses’ plight.

The video of the walrus scene is below. A warning, some viewers may find it disturbing..

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