Donald Trump Tweets Video Pitting POTUS Against Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, Rosie O’Donnell, Obama


Donald Trump unveiled a new video via Twitter that touts his 2020 re-election bid, set to Hans Zimmer’s score from The Dark Knight Rises.

The video features some of Trump’s perceived mortal enemies: Rosie O’Donnell, Bryan Cranston, Amy Schumer, Hillary Clinton, John Dickerson and Bill Clinton.

But the video begins with a close-up of Trump’s arch-nemesis Barack Obama. More accurately, his eyes, followed by the sight of Obama apparently up to no good talking to a journalist, John Dickerson, in The White House.

The music continues to play ominously as we see the Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and other Washington landmarks.



“THEN THEY CALL YOU RACIST,” intones the video for the real estate developer-turned-reality TV star who got his big break in politics as head of the birther movement.

Menacing shots of $100 bills, of CNN, of Hillary Clinton.

Pivot to video of Trump at White House, at rallies, welcoming Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, more rallies, Fox News reporting on how AG Bill Barr’s Robert Mueller Report CliffsNotes announces “No proof Trump team conspired with Russia.”

“YOUR VOTE PROVED THEM ALL WRONG,” the video continues as Trump is seen grip-and-grinning with North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un.

“Trump the Great Victory 2020,” the video concludes.

Watch it here:

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