Alec Baldwin Tweets: “If I Ran For President Would You Vote For Me?”

Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live on Feb. 16, 2019. (Credit: NBC)

Alec Baldwin plays Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live but, on Monday, took to Trump’s favorite platform, Twitter to ask fans if they would vote for him should he actually run to replace Trump in the starring POTUS role.

Unlike the flock of Democrats who already have thrown their hats in the ring, boasting of the number of small donors who’ve put dollars in their pots, Baldwin insisted “I won’t ask you for any $.”

“And I promise I will win,” the actor added, citing no poll. In fact, he added, “These tweets save me millions in polling.”

“Beating Trump would be so easy,” Baldwin bragged, adding, “So easy. So easy”  to drive home his point/get into a Twitter war with his former fellow NBC star.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed.

“Wow, that’s actually brilliant,” chimed in one enthusiast.

“If we’re going to have a comedian I prefer [former Senator Al] Franken,” responded a disciple of Aristophanes.

“Only if your VP was Pete Buttigieg or Kamala Harris and you resigned first week,” added another skeptic.

“Dude you can’t handle finding a parking spot in NYC,” suggested another.

“I think you’re great and I love your work, but the experiment is over,” a fan tweeted, apologetically, adding, “let’s get some experienced pros in there so that we can begin the long, hard job of unfucking this country.”

“I would not vote for you, but your presence and humor are comforting to a wounded nation,” tweeted a fan.

And, speaking for many, another promised Baldwin his vote but, “only if, during one of the debates, you promise to ‘play’ him, a la SNL,” because Trump’s head would explode on national TV.

Just last week, Baldwin talked to NBC’s Tonight show host Jimmy Fallon about being unsure how long he would continue doing his “world famous mediocre Trump impression” for Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin told the host he has no firm commitment to continue the cold opens that so irritate the president (“stinks” was one of the more memorable Trump reviews of Baldwin’s work as POTUS doppelganger).

“Lorne [Michaels] will call me up and be like, ‘Are you coming this weekend?’” Baldwin told Fallon of the recurring gig, adding, “They keep pulling me back in,” mimicking Al Pacino’s Godfather III moment.

Baldwin’s tweet:

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