‘The Kominsky Method’ Creator Chuck Lorre Promises ‘Glimmer of Hope’ in Season 2 – The Contenders Emmys

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When The Kominsky Method returns for its second season, series creator Chuck Lorre says fans of the Netflix series will see something different.

“There’s hope in Season 2,” Lorre quipped Sunday at the Contenders Emmys. The prolific television writer, producer and director sat down with series co-star Michael Douglas and Deadline‘s Pete Hammond to discuss where the comedy has gone and where they plan to take it in the future.

“There was a lot of loss and melancholy in the first eight episodes, and it just felt right to take these characters in a different direction,” Lorre explained.

‘There’s a glimmer of hope for Alan [Arkin’s] character,” he continued.

The Kominsky Method centers on an aging actor-turned-acting coach (Douglas) and his agent and friend (Arkin). It co-stars Sarah Baker and Nancy Travis, with the quartet all set to return as series regulars in Season 2.

The comedy marks the first time Douglas has starred on a TV series since The Streets of San Francisco, which ran from 1972 to 1977.

“When I read the first script, when Chuck sent it to me, I said ‘this is funny,’ I can relate,” Douglas said about his return to television, adding, “It belittles most of the stuff that I get to see in feature films.”


While Douglas and Arkin have great chemistry on-screen, the two didn’t know each other before joining the series.

“We had one lunch together and that was it,” Douglas said.

Lorre writes every episode, noting that this is the first show he’s done in 30 years without a live studio audience. Lorre said in the past, he looked to the audience to see what worked and which jokes landed. Not this time.

“This was an opportunity to just write and trust it, which was difficult,” he said. “That was a big leap for me.”

The Kominsky Method Season 2 is currently filming and will premiere later this year on Netflix.

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