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AT&T Audience Network’s thriller series Condoradapted from the Oscar-nominated film Three Days of the Condor and the screenplay Three Days of the Condor by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel, stars Max Irons as Joe Turner, a young CIA analyst who unwittingly becomes the center of a major conspiracy.  Today’s Deadline’s The Contenders Emmys Condor panel offered an unusual perspective on the show by assembling the actresses who play the very important women surrounding Joe in this complex and compelling story.

The panel, moderated by Peter White, included Mira Sorvino, Christina Moses, Kristen Hager and Katherine Cunningham. The series also stars William Hurt, Leem Lubany, Angel Bonanni and Bob Balaban. Brendan Fraser guest stars in the series created by Jason Smilovic and Todd Katzberg.

As has been the case with many of today’s series panels, the women had a difficult time speaking about their characters without revealing their fate. In fact, in some cases the audience found out about a death somewhat prematurely today. Still, the performers found a way to shed a little light upon their characters.

Academy Award-winner Sorvino (Supporting Actress, Mighty Aphrodite, 1996) said that beyond the intricate twists of the plot, the characters share rich emotional lives. Haunted by a past relationship with William Hurt’s character, Sorvino described her character, Marti Frost, as a character that has changed and hardened over time. She jumped at the chance.

“If you look at my overall played sympathetic characters, this character was very complex and very gray,” she said. “(It is) very different from the mainstay of my work.”

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Christina Moses, who portrays undercover agent Sharla Shepard, said that she is enjoying portraying a strong woman but joked that she is “not promoting the gun.” She appreciates the opportunity to portray a character hell-bent on revenge. “I was drawn into this gray area– how do we achieve justice?” she mused.

Katherine Cunningham portrays Kathy Hale, the girl Joe Turner ends up with on a Tinder date and who gets drawn into a very scary story. “It goes horrible, it’s a bad, bad date,” she joked. However, she said she has enjoyed watching distress and danger energize her character: “Ir’s exciting to watch her start being alive,” she said.

Without revealing too much story, Kristen Hager plays an outspoken wife and mom who finds her life turned upside down, and has enjoyed what she calls the “rich journey” of her character. But she refused to tease the plot of the second season. “I think’s that’s all I can say,” she said. “It’s really great.”

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