‘SNL’: Jason Sudeikis Returns As Joe Biden And He Can’t Stop Being Touchy-Feely During Sensitivity Training


It seems like Saturday Night Live wanted to take a break from Donald Trump fare in the cold open and decided to focus on the recent news of Joe Biden’s allegations of making women feel uncomfortable for being, well, too touchy-feely. This called for the return of SNL alum Jason Sudeikis as the former Vice President and possible 2020 presidential candidate.

Sudeikis came in guns blazing and with a receding hairline in full effect as Cecily Strong and Kenan Thompson portrayed aides who are trying to tone down his inappropriate habits of getting too close to people ahead of his potential presidential bid.

“I’m a hugger, I’m a kisser and I’m a little bit of a sniffer,” said Sudeikis as Biden. “The last thing I want to do is offend anyone!”

Enter Kate McKinnon as Gwen, a sensitivity consultant, who looks to help defuse Biden’s too-close-for-comfort ways. He greets her by pulling her in close face to face claiming he wants “human connection.” After a moment of awkwardness (on her end) they are nose to nose — on the verge of what is known as “Eskimo kisses.”

Biden insists, “I did the ’23 and Me’ thing like Lizzy Warren and turns out I am 1% Eskimo so I can do this kisses thing.”

He adds enthusiastically with no self-awareness: “Human connection that’s my thing…that’s like telling Mario Batali to take his Crocs off, you know?

Gwen interjects, “I wouldn’t bring him into this.”

After attempting a dance party with music by Lou Rawls, Gwen continues to give advice about how not to act around women — and he continues to suggest inappropriate behavior like tickling and blowing on zerberts on tummies.

Gwen brings in potential female voters in an attempt to “listen and try to learn” what not to do. After making a crack about “upsizing his unit”, Aidy Bryant walks in as a Wisconsin voter and he cradles her face and it just ends with her punching him in the stomach — but he takes it with a smile on his face.

Then, Leslie Jones walks in as an Oakland voter and as Biden tries to hold back, Jones’s character recognizes him as “Obama’s grandaddy” and they start hugging and she starts uncontrollably spanking his butt.

She leaves and it turns out — surprise! — Biden didn’t learn anything from this training. He then wants everyone to hug out before announcing “Biden and some woman in 2020!”

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