No WGA-ATA Talks Set Before Franchise Deal Expires Saturday Night, Source Says


It appears that the WGA’s franchise agreement with the ATA will expire Saturday at midnight PT without the two sides returning to the bargaining table for one last chance at working out a deal. “Nothing scheduled today or tomorrow as of now,” a source close to the stalled talks told Deadline.

If that stands, agencies that have refused to sign the guild’s new Code of Conduct will be disenfranchised automatically after the deadline passes, and writers will no longer have agents.

That could still change, however, if the two sides should agree to resume face-to-face bargaining Saturday. Last weekend, the guild’s members voted overwhelmingly to authorize the guild’s leaders “to implement an Agency Code of Conduct, if and when it becomes advisable to do so, upon expiration of the current Artists’ Managers Basic Agreement on April 6, 2019.”

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