Kit Harington Winks Away Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rumors


No spoiler alert needed on this one: Game of Thrones star Kit Harington winked his way through a comedy bit with Jimmy Fallon on last night’s Tonight, all good natured as he sort of pretended to reveal such mysteries as the fate of Jon Snow and whether he’ll finally get to ride a dragon.

Neither Harington nor Fallon took the ruse to the heights reached earlier this week by Maisie Williams, who, while visiting Tonight, pretended to let slip that her character Arya Stark gets killed off in the second episode of the upcoming eighth and final season of Thrones. Preposterous as it sounds now, Williams was, however briefly, fairly convincing in the April Fools Day prank. (Fallon not so much.)

This time around, Fallon and Harington set up the gag with all the subtlety of a rampaging White Walker, belaboring a set-up that explained how Harington’s inability to wink resulted in a facial tic that fell somewhere between a wink and a blink.

So when Fallon posed various spoilery questions, with Harington instructed to answer yes or no with a wink or a blink, well, you get it.

The two also discussed this week’s terrific SNL promo – Harington hosts this Saturday, April 6 – and whether Harington likes or hates endless references to the famous Thrones line “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” He hates it, but tells a sweet anecdote nonetheless.

The actor also confirms that, yes, he did attend a “bad taste” party dressed as his own character, and now owns a prop statue used on the show that he hopes will ease his transition to post-Thrones civilian life.

“I’m obviously sad about it ending,” Harington said of Thrones, “and I thought I would make [the statue] into like a shrine in my garden that I go and cry in front of.”

Check out video of Harington’s visit with Fallon above.

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