‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ Takes Issue With Trump’s Mangled Language


Seth Meyers had a few things to get off his chest the other night regarding President Donald Trump, as the Late Night host took issue during his extended monologue with the foibles of the Commander in Chief, much to his liberal audience’s delight.

A few of the zingers:

*** Meyers noted that Trump doesn’t really run the country, but outsources to a “collection of weirdos so he can play golf with Kid Rock.”

*** The big gripe by Meyers was the President’s way of pronouncing the word “origins,” which Trump mangled as “oringes.”  Meyers produced a White House transcript of the Trump chat, and, sure enough, the word “oringes” appeared, certifying that there’s yet another Trumpism to join covfefe in presidential annals.

*** But Trump wasn’t the only target. Meyers wryly noted that the Senate seems to have taken a cue from Hollywood.  “Every Senate hearing looks like a Clint Eastwood movie where some old guys decide to pull one last heist.”

Watch the rants above.

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