Paramount CinemaCon Kicks Off With Comedy: Studio Boss Jim Gianopulos Gets Delayed In Las Vegas

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Nancy Tartaglione

Jim Gianopulos Paramount

After Disney’s underwhelming and button-down session at CinemaCon yesterday, Paramount livened the mood up in a big way with a hysterical opening reel of studio Chairman and CEO Jim Gianopulos contending with a ditzy chauffeur (Hayley Magnus of the movie The Dressmaker and NBC pilot Like Magic) as he tries to make his way across Las Vegas to CinemaCon.

But that wasn’t all, like Warners, Paramount brought out the stars for its Terminator: The Dark Fate, Rocketman, Sonic the Hedgehog and Dora the Explorer sessions.

It’s ‘a sequel’ reel to what Par showed at last year’s CinemaCon, where he dealt with an inept airline ticket counter receptionist at the Burbank airport. Now, as it turns out she is his driver and she takes him to all the wrong Cons in Vegas, i.e. CinemaKhan, a Star Trek convention where Patrick Stewart pops up, and a Godfather convention.

Gianopulos asks his driver, “Hey didn’t you work at the Burbank airport?” She responds that the gig didn’t work out because “global entry means different things to different people.” Meanwhile at the Godfather confab, he is told by one of the mob guys “may your first child, be a masculine child.”  “That’s good, but I have three daughters,” responds Gianopulos.

Meanwhile as he’s battling is way to CinemaCon, the studio’s domestic distrib boss Kyle Davies is getting his bald head polished in his hotel room. Davies took the stage first to welcome attendees, and was soon followed by Gianopulos. Laughs have been key in Par’s presentations: at CineEurope Mark Viane got pummeled by Tom Cruise in a video at CineEurope before being lowered to the stage on a cable.

First film up was Rocketman with a great dance musical number of Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”. The Dexter Fletcher-directed movie arrives May 31. Read Nancy’s coverage here.

Also, getting a sneak peek and great applause from the room is  Alexandre Aja’s Crawl produced by Sam Raimi. Look out Jaws, look out Meg and Jurassic Park, here’s a movie about a Florida town that is flooded during a Hurricane with an alligator infestation. Kaya Scodelario is battling them, as they swim through windows of submerged houses. Crawl happens on July 12.

Arnold Schwarzenneger and Linda Hamilton, director Tim Miller and cast provided a look at Teminator: Dark Fate,  and Jim Carrey surprised with Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Ang Lee showed off the first trailer–in 3D–to his Oct. 11 Skydance release, Gemini Man

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