Tucker Carlson “Apologizes” To Joe Biden For Mockery Of His Touching


Tucker Carlson offered a veiled “apology” to Joe Biden on his Fox News show tonight.

Speaking about the recent controversy over Biden’s touchy-feely ways, which several women have complained about publicly, Fox News host Carlson said that some of Biden’s actions are being misconstrued and that hugging people is not a “sin.”

“There is something sad, pathetic really about watching a 76-year-old man apologizing for not understanding selfie culture,” said Carlson. “You would hope your own golden years would be a little more dignified than that. But Biden’s a politician and no choice, they drove him to it. And so did we. And that is the point of the apology. When the story first broke, passing out Eskimo kisses and sniffing other people’s hair, it was irresistible and you could not laugh at it.”

Carlson added: “What we should have said every bit as loudly and what we apologize now for not saying is that hugging is not sexual assault. Eskimo kisses aren’t rape. That used to be obvious. It’s not obvious anymore. And so we are sorry for helping to blur the distinction between human affection and coercive immoral behavior. Last thing this country needs is more people that think they are assaulted because senior citizen hugs them wrong. So we apologize for adding to that nonsense and anti-human hysteria.”

Carlson added that he was not condoning Biden’s actions by explaining his regrets.

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