SHOCKER! Deadline Is Getting A Face-Lift


Deadline has a different kind of breaking news to share: We redesigned our website.

On the morning of Wednesday, April 10, the you know and love morphed into the new you will know and love. After the switch is flipped, you will discover we have implemented new and better ways for our readers to find, and for us to showcase, our best stories. At the same time, we have kept and enhanced most of the things that keep you coming back, including Deadline’s signature “news river” which will flow just as it always has.

The refresh features a clean, headline-first display that allows readers to quickly catch up on the latest news, features and insider analysis, as well as provide entry points for deeper dives into the topics that are dominating the day (or ones that just happen to interest you).

Here are some of the new features:

Home Page

The entree into the site on desktop stays true to its core but gives a face-lift to our main news elements (including our updated logo). It also offers more places to show off more content, from videos and trending  stories to our AwardsLine magazine or whatever might be in the news at that moment. A revamped main menu will  better allow you to find the content you want right away — it’s right up there next to our secure tipline which we know you know how to use. You’ll see our navigation bar has a couple of new verticals to click to: welcome to Geoff Boucher’s Hero Nation and our Broadway home page.

Article Pages

New features include the ability to hover over a Deadline writer’s byline to see more of what they’ve been working on, and how to get in touch with them. In another nod to remind readers of the stories they need to read, a “toaster” will pop up on the bottom of your screen as you scroll down a story with Deadline’s current top stories. We’ve also added ways to make sure you have more access to that story’s relevant content.



Deadline has always seen an above-industry-norm level of users who access our site via mobile, so another primary goal of the redesign is to get our mobile site right, presenting the same great reading experience consistently across all platforms. The new design utilizes the latest advancements in speed and user-responsive technology, so all pages will adjust accordingly during scrolling and resizing.



Other bells and whistles we’re rolling out:

* Enhanced Featured Article page for longform features, enterprise reporting and Q&As

* A new Primetime Pilot Panic page environment

* Photo galleries with improved functionality and adaptability

There will be a chance to comment on this soon.

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