Samantha Bee Goes Full ‘Riverdale’ With Teen Vaccine Champ Ethan Lindenberger


TBSFull Frontal host Samantha Bee sat down with Ethan Lindenberger to talk about getting vaccinated without his parents’ permission.

The 18-year-old Ohio resident, whose parents never had him vaccinated, exploded on the TV-news landscape last month when he said he got himself vaccinated despite his mom’s objection, after he turned 18. In a popular Reddit post, he said he wasn’t vaccinated as a child due to his parents’ belief in discredited conspiracy theories. In mid-February, he told John Berman on TBS’ cable cousin CNN that he grew up believing that not getting vaccinated “was normal.”

Lindenberger became a celeb in the vacc-iverse, even testifying at a Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Hearing in Washington, D.C.

In her sit-down with the teen, Bee asked when he first learned he had not been vaccinated. He explained that his mom always was very outspoken about debunked claims that vaccinations causes autism. At age 15, he began to confront her.

At age 18, he said, he turned to Reddit to find out how and where to get vaccinated without parental approval.

Bee’s big takeaway: “People on Reddit gave you good advice? The USA Today of white supremacy – that Reddit?”

When Bee concluded that teens rebelling against their anti-vax parents is a good thing “like in Riverdale,” Lindenberger tried to cut off that talk.

“Too late!” Bee enthused, as she took her show “Full Frontaldale,” in which she is a cheerleader, naturally.

In the video (watch it below), Archie reveals to Bee that he got vaccinated because he looked online and decided he did not want to die of TB but rather “in a more normal way, by a cult.”

“Maybe it is bad to get diseases from the Middle Ages,” cheerleader Bee agrees. Turning to Lindenberger, who has been stuck in a Frontaldale letter jacket for the sketch, she wonders if he thinks it’s “pretty cool.”

“Haven’t I been through enough?” he shoots back.

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