Fox News Wins Cable News Ratings War, Again; Maddow Tops ‘Hannity’ In Demo

Fox News Channel/MSNBC

Maybe it’s all that “executive time” that Donald Trump spends watching, but Fox News Channel is once again having a victory march with its 69th consecutive quarter win in the cable newsers’ ratings battle.

However, even though the Rupert Murdoch owned outlet was the clear winner in total day, primetime and overall for the month of March, there was a dent in FNC’s armor.

Amidst partisan political roller coasters galore including the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation into seemingly unfounded Trump collusion with Russia in the 2016 election, The Rachel Maddow Show delivered a bit of a slap to 9 PM rival Sean Hannity and his nighty offering.

Though MSNBC was in a solid second place in almost all categories, Maddow flipped the results of 1Q’18 to draw 549,000 viewers on average in the 25-54 demo for the first quarter of 2019 compared to Hannity’s 547,000.

While number #1 to Sean’s rare #2 spot over the quarter, it is worth noting that since the March 22 handing over to the DOJ of former FBI Director’s nearly 400-page still secret report, Maddow has seen her ratings go down and Trump pal Hannity rebound. According to recently minted Attorney General William Barr, that multi-year investigation was on the fence about obstruction of justice by Trump and found no evidence of collusion despite multiple convictions of associates of the former Celebrity Apprentice host.

Otherwise, with a variety of ups and downs on the whole for FNC, MSNBC and CNN from 1Q’18, it was all Fox all the time in the ratingd.

In the vital and extremely competitive primetime hours, Fox had 2.4 million sets of eyeballs watching and 421,000 in the news demo to MSNC’s 1.9 million and 333, 000 and CNN’s 1.05 million and 308,000 among the 25-54s. In a lineup of Laura Ingraham, first time March topper Tucker Carlson, and Hannity, that’s actually an indifferent 1% dip from the same quarter last year in total viewers and a 15% decline in the demo. WarnerMedia-owned CNN and Comcast-owned MSNBC were up 7% and 3% respectively in their primetime overall numbers and down 10% and a hard 18% in the news demo.

In that total viewer slot, Hannity was number one in the quarter with 3.12 million watching to Maddow’s 3.05 million. With the rest of the top five most watched and highest rated cable news show for the quarter belonging to FNC, not a single CNN program made that top tier cut. Slightly less impressive that than 69 quarters in a row most watched award, FNC is now the highest rated cable newser among the 25-54s for the 44th consecutive quarter.

Overall, Fox News averaged 1.4 million total viewers and 252,000 in the demo over total day. The Murdochs got some other quarterly good news today in the news department with Fox Business Network scoring its 10th consecutive most watched win over once unbeatable CNBC. To get into the numbers, FBN had 189,000 viewers during the business day to CNBC’s 184,000 – a 3% advantage. Among the 25-54 demo of eager investors and others, CNBC was in first place with 34,000 to FBN’s 20,000 during the hours the U.S. markets are open.


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