Fox News Mistakenly Labels Three Central American Nations As “Mexican Countries”

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Fox News has apologized for referring to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras as “Mexican countries” in a graphic this morning.

The gaffe occurred during this morning’s Fox & Friends show during a discussion of President Donald Trump’s plan to cut aid to the three countries. The graphic underneath read: “Trump cuts US aid to 3 Mexican countries.”

Naturally, social media had a field day with the error.

Later, Fox News issued its apology.

“We want to clarify and correct something that happened earlier in the show,” the apology read. “We had an inaccurate graphic on screen … we just want to be clear the funding is being cut off to three Central American countries. We apologize for the error, it never should have happened.”

There has been no reaction so far from the consulates of the insulted Central American countries.

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